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Property Damages

Water leakage & fire can happen at any time, and if it doesn’t get immediate attention, then it can damage your entire property. A burst pipe in the walls and drain clogs are the most common causes of water damage in the properties and businesses. It is very important to have enough insurance coverages to protect your home and your personal property when a disaster occurs. For most perils, homeowner insurance coverage is relatively easy to understand and doesn’t require much reading in between lines, but usually, water damage coverages require more attention and are more difficult to process. Thus you need to consult with a competent attorney to get advice about your rights in case of water or fire damage to your home and/or your business.

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At Nehoray & Drake LLP, our expert team can help you to get the most from your insurance company so you can get your home to its pre-existing condition. We have helped many homeowners who have suffered water damage.


It will be our pleasure to review your home insurance policy free of charge to advise you about your rights, your coverages, and what you should do to avoid a sudden water burst and damage to your property.   This is our gift to you. 


We can also give you advice on how to keep an inventory of your personal property in the event of water or fire damage and how to make sure to properly store your personal property in order to avoid damage to them.

We are available to advise you on how to avoid water damage and to represent you in if you have water damage.

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