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Nehoray & Drake

 Founded in 2016

"Our Law Firm's approach to your case is based on individual circumstances. Whether it is a simple negotiated settlement, or it requires an aggressive approach, we will protect and defend your best interests."


Mac E Nehoray

Senior Partner - Litigation,  bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, and...

Admitted to The State Bar of California since 1990 Learn more...

Nothing is Random

Kambiz Drake

Senior Partner - Business / Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Admitted to The State Bar of California since 2010 Learn more...

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

Robert L Gigliotti, Esq.

Senior Partner - Family Law

Admitted to The State Bar of California since 1991 Learn more...

With us there is no limitation so 

Don’t limit yourself

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Five Traits of Great


What makes a great lawyer? Is it intelligence, good people skills, effective writing? Of course, we must have a certain level of intelligence and motivation, along with experience and opportunities. But the truth is, the traits that transform a good lawyer into a great lawyer may not be the ones you think.

Here are five traits that make a lawyer — or any person — stand above the rest. Cultivating these traits provides the opportunity to really understand the issues and offer effective solutions.